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  • ALee715


    May 15, 2013 by ALee715

    This is a peice of writing I did for senventh grade English lol... so it's finished and I just wanted to post it

    Are you looking for a way to seem older? Cooler? Then you need a boyfriend! If you call 1-800-DESPERATE, we will ask you a  few questions and set you up with one of our pre-made boyfriends, and with the services of Rent-A-Boy! you’ll be popular in no time!

    Why do you need a boyfriend? Are you sick of your friends always bragging about their latest boy-toy? Are you tired of being forever un-noticed? Well, a boyfriend will clear all that right up! With all the rumors spreading around school about you and your boyfriend, you’ll be in all the gossip for sure!

    What are your boyfriend choices? Well, as many fish as there are i…

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  • ALee715


    November 20, 2012 by ALee715

    I recently started seventh grade. The middle of my entirety of my middle school career. It consists of homework, girl drama, and tests. Fun right? No. I hate how at our school there is such a distinguished line between the kids who don't stop talking ("normal") and the kids who don't (me). What? Just because I don't want to talk means I don't have a voice or feelings? I HAVE A VOICE!!!! (Please excuse my exclamation points and capitalization :P) Anyway yuppppp..... I mean if you seriously know me.... well lets just say you'd need a lot of duct tape.

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